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Graduation is back on but safety first


Since 1992, Campus Clothing has been producing graduation merchandise for students up and down the UK. We grew from selling t-shirts at one University to providing a range of different products to more than 150 universities.

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Giving back to each university and their students


A percentage of every sale is given straight back to the university to use it how they see fit. Many universities use it to make improvements to the graduation ceremonies for future student cohorts, while some use it for student bursaries and funding award schemes.

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Meet the Team - Jacqui Ayling


It’s safe to say Campus Clothing would not be able to do what it does without Jacqui Ayling. As the Campus HQ Office Manager, Jacqui has a hand in almost every aspect of the company.

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Meet the Team - Sophie Simmonds


Sophie Simmonds is integral to how Campus Clothing operates. The support Sophie gives the team in administration or customer service tasks is vital in ensuring orders are completed on time.

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Meet the Team - Antonia Poon-Jones


Antonia (or Toni) joined Campus in 2019 to help on our merchandise stands at winter Graduations. She impressed so much that she’s now an Apprentice at Campus, studying Business Administration.

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