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Meet the Team - Antonia Poon-Jones

Meet the Team - Antonia Poon-Jones


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NameAntonia Poon-Jones

Current role: Apprentice

Favourite item from the Campus range? “Campus Graduation Hoodie

 Antonia (or Toni) joined Campus in 2019 to help on our merchandise stands at winter Graduations. She impressed so much that she’s now an Apprentice at Campus, studying Business Administration.

“I was doing a course at college, which I didn’t really like,” Toni explained. “But then I worked with Campus at Graduations and really enjoyed it and I am so happy to be with the Campus crew and doing a job and course that I enjoy. I hopefully see it being part of my life for a while.

“My role includes a variety of tasks. I have worked on the website with Dan and Alex, our designer, adding and changing products and images. When we were in the office, I was responsible for the printing and transferring student names or text onto the Graduation bear’s gown. Now that I am working from home, I am responsible for making sure all the details of the personalisation for each garment is correct and ready to go for printing. I have also worked on some artwork for garments and am also responsible for Campus Clothing’s social media channels.

“I really enjoyed being at the Graduation events. I would go to the University the night before and meet the van full of stock, tables and mannequins, so I could set up and get everything sorted and ready for the next few days. I’d then be on the stands, helping students and their families pick up their orders or choose what merchandise they’d like. It really improved my communication skills as there is always a lot of talking.

“Campus’ role in a Graduation is a really exciting one – our merchandise help people celebrate their experience and say: ‘Wow it’s actually happened, I graduated!’ It is the memory that they will keep forever to remember all the hard work they did and what they have achieved.

“I am looking forward to getting back to Graduation events. I miss visiting the universities, sightseeing around the area and meeting with other Campus employees and getting to know more people. It will take time to get back to normal - every University is different but everyone at Campus is proud to support our universities with their merchandise in whatever way they choose to deliver Graduation.”

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